Muslim Association provides a wide range of services & facilities for the local Muslim Community including Funeral Services, Marriage Facilities and Visits & Tours. More information about services & facilities can be found by contacting us via email or phone. 


We are happy to receive visitors from various organisations and establishments, including those of faith, inter-faith nature as well as educational institutions wishing to further their understanding of Islamic lifestyle and worship, throughout the year. 

To book a visit, please contact us through our email: 


Muslim Speaker

If you would like someone of the Islamic faith to speak at an educational institution, an event etc with regards to Islam, Q & A or otherwise, we are happy to assist.

To book a Muslim speaker, please contact the association via email at detailing the nature of the commitment. 


Funeral/Janaza Services

We hope to provide the required support and services to family members to relieve some of the stress associated with losing a family member.

There is a portion of the Awanui Cemetary reserved as a Muslim Burial Site, allocated by the New Plymouth District Council. 

In the event of someone passing away, please immediately contact the Association so that we can co-ordinate with the council to purchase and prepare the grave site for the departed, and make arrangements for Ghusl etc.

  • We can inshaAllah arrange for someone to do the Ghusl, or assist a family member in the process. 
  • We can provide a shroud (kafan) and accessories
  • We can organise and coordinate the Janaza Salah 
  • We can arrange for the deceased to be transported to the burial site. We will work with the local funeral homes as required. 

These services and facilities are available for local Muslim's as well as Muslim's visiting New Plymouth.

NPDC Burial Application form


We are able to conduct Nikkah ceremonies at the Centre. However, for the Marriage to be recognised by New Zealand law, you will need to have it registered. Please contact The Department of Internal Affairs for more information :