Resource Consent Granted

Posted on: 19 April 2016

Resource Consent Granted

Assalamualaikum WR WB

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Alhumdulillah, by the Mercy of Allah, consent for the New Plymouth Islamic Centre was granted after going through the hearing process. 

We are now able to begin working on the conditions of the consent in order to be able to begin using the Centre for our needs insha Allah.

Further work includes

-      Building a Car Park,

-      Acoustic fencing

-      Carpeting

-      Wudu facilities

-      Necessary repairs to be building

May Allah reward all those who supported us thus far. We are urgently in need for further funds to undertake essential work. Please Donate, no matter how big or small every donation counts. To DONATE please Click the Donations tab above or link below. 

This is indeed a great blessing from Allah. May Allah bless this new Islamic Centre for everyone, make it a source of sadaqa jariya for all those involved and make it a hub of prayer, learning and enlightenment. May He protect it from fitnah and vice and make it a place of unity. Ameen

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