Start Date: 01/03/2020
Time: 10am- 12:30pm
Teacher: Sister Farhana, Sister Ita, Sister Saba, Sister Sawsan, Sister Titin, Sister Yasmeen
Cost: $70 for first child, $60 for subsequent children per year. This is inclusive of text books.
Location/Room: 185 Smart Road, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Course decription

Madrassa-tul-Qira'ah was established 11 years ago to provide basic Islamic knowledge, morals, stories and Quran. It is a space for children to build friendships with their muslim peers and develop a sense of belonging as a minority.

Our Sunday Madrassa classes aim to provide a fun and interactive learning environment for our children to learn their deen.

None of our efforts can come to fruition however, without the constant support and dedication of parents in assisting our efforts. 

We strongly encourage parents to be involved in their childrens Islamic learning, and we are happy to provide support for parents who need guidance as to how they can support their childs learning at madrassa.